About Us

AlchemergyAlchemergy (pronounced "al-chem-er-gee") is about the merging of ancient and modern traditions and the emerging of new paradigms for our times. Alchemergy is merging traditions in emerging paradigms. In practice, it is the cross-union of opposites on all levels – East and West, religion and science, feeling and thinking, feminine and masculine, Soul and Spirit. The Child of the Philosophers that results from this Sacred Marriage is the Philosopher's Stone -- a higher state of consciousness. - Dennis William Hauck


We offer original films and webinars as well as books, audio CDs, DVDs, and other unique products that support the Great Work of personal and global transformation. We are funded through public donations and an annual grant from the International Alchemy Guild, a non-profit, tax-exempt California corporation. Play Audio Preview.



Areas in which we are interested include:

  • Transformational Art

  • Transformational Music

  • Archetypal Psychology

  • Personal Transformation

  • Modern Alchemy

  • History of Alchemy

  • Laboratory Alchemy

  • Alchemical Healing

  • Social Alchemy & Relationships

  • Planetary Alchemy & the Environment

Our Filmmaking Philosophy

"It is important for us to not just make traditional documentaries. Films will be the new 'books' of the coming era, and we need to take the genre to a new level that somehow includes all the depth and potential of books to reach people's minds with the resonating power of sound and light to connect to peoples' souls. So if the alchemy of the Renaissance used the tool of books with drawings, the new alchemy (which we call Alchemergy) has more tools at its disposal (morphing images, animations, voice, sacred geometry, chaos, sounds, music, guided meditations, dreamscapes, etc) to bring the same archetypal information directly into people's consciousness, so they can experience it directly.

"We are at the point where we can really make transformative film experiences to change and enlighten the masses about the hidden possibilities in Nature. So Alchemergy Films should try to hold to those goals to never produce conventional commercial films but rather to evoke new vistas and levels of understanding in the audience. Today at this point in technology and social evolution we have the tools to actually record and share the True Imagination of which the alchemists spoke that can initiate all of us into the deeper mysteries. True, it is a tall order that will require a huge reservoir of creative energy. But the time is right to try." - Dennis William Hauck


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